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Autonomous Vehicles for Public Transportation : the whole iceberg

Date: 6 avril 2022 – 12h30-13h30

Autonomous Vehicles for Public Transportation : the whole iceberg

Autonomous vehicles raised many hopes and expectations in providing solutions to the urban mobility problem. After more than 10 years research, trials and demonstrations, we have yet to see a large scale, commercial deployment, many pioneer actors are reducing their engagement. It is now that we start seeing the rest of the iceberg and understand what is still missing that would allow us to go commercial.

Dimitri Konstantas is Professor at the Geneva School of Economics and Management (GSEM), directing the Information Science Institute (ISI), and member of the Information Service Science Institute of the University Center of Computer Science (CUI). 
Prof. Konstantas, is active since 1987, in research in the areas of Object Oriented systems, agent technologies, Multimedia applications and e-commerce services, with more than 150 publications in
international conferences, journals, books and book chapters, a long participation and leadership inmany European projects and with many nominations as consultant and scientific expert for severalinternational companies and governments. Since May 2018, Prof, Konstantas is coordinating the H2020 European project AVENUE, which targets in the validation of autonomous vehicles for public transportation.


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