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CAS Internet of Things Applications (IoT Applications)

Acquire a multidisciplinary education on the IoT with cutting edge experts from the European research and industry ecosystem
Develop skills and expertise combining academic knowledge with business expertise
Encourage the pooling of experience and knowledge between peers and with stakeholders to develop innovative approaches
Build a professional network in the area
At the end of the programme, participants will have gained capabilities and knowledge to:
• Identify critical issues and solutions related to IoT strategy design and implementation 
• Acquire a holistic view and understanding of the IoT ecosystems and deployments
• Know technologies supporting IoT
• Adjust one’s own professional practice with insights from the programme
Chief Technology Officer, member of direction or manager in charge of defining the technological strategy of his company, civil servant in charge of smart cities planning, deployment and maintenance, director of information systems, Project manager with IoT, Research and innovation manager, Business and production manager, engineer with several years of experience
IoT Market, Value Creation and Business Models • Smart Cities and other IoT Application Domains • IoTathon - Use-case Design and Deployment Exercise
Prof. Dimitri KONSTANTAS, Centre Universitaire d'Informatique (CUI), University of Geneva and Sébastien ZIEGLER, IoT Forum & Mandat International
Prof. Dimitri KONSTANTAS, University of Geneva
IoT Forum • Mandat International
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