Faculty of Sciences - Computer science department

Algorithms, Graph theory, and cOmplexity  ALGO

Applied Complexity Group  ACG   (jointly with the Global Studies Institute)

Complex Systems Modeling   CSM

Computer Vision and multimédia   CVML

High Performance Fluid Simulation HPFS

Machine Learning Group   MLG

Proteome Informatics Group   PIG

Stochastic Information Processing   SIP

Semantics, Modelling and Verification   SMV

Scientific and Parallel Computing   SPC

Theoretical Computer Science   TCS

Machine Learning and Information Retrieval research group   VIPER


Faculty of Economics and Management and Geneva School of Social Sciences

Institute of Information Service Science   ISS

Knowledge engineering   KE.

3D Animation and Virtual Reality Laboratory   MIRALab


Faculty of Humanities - Computing unit

Laboratory for the Analysis and Technology of Language   LATL



Cizizen Cyberlab   CCL

Computational Learning and Computational Linguistics   CLCL