Program Committee


Julia Chuzoy
Naveen Garg
Michel Goemans
Fabrizio Grandoni
Anupam Gupta
Prahalad Harsha
Satoru Iwata
Philip Klein
Robert Krauthgammer
Kamesh Munagala
Zeev Nutov
R. Ravi (chair)
Guido Schaefer
Chaitanya Swamy
Kunal Talwar
Gerhard Woeginger


Per Austrin
Nayantara Bhatnagar
Amin Coja-Oghlan
Josep Diaz
Benjamin Doerr
Devdatt Dubhashi
Martin Dyer
Tom Friedetzky
Leslie Goldberg (chair)
Mark Jerrum
Elitza Maneva
Allan Sly
Eli Upfal
Juan Vera
Osamu Watanabe
David Zuckerman

Program Chairs

R. Ravi,
Carnegie Mellon University

Leslie Goldberg,
University of Liverpool

Workshop Chairs

José Rolim,
U. of Geneva
Klaus Jansen,
U. of Kiel
Important dates
Submission deadline
April 15, 2011

Notification to authors
June 8, 2011

Camera ready
June 17, 2011

August 17-19, 2011
Call for papers

Joel Spencer, Courant Institute

Two Needles in Exponential Haystacks

Abstract: When the probabilistic method sieves an event with exponentially small probability the usual randomized algorithms will not find an actualization. We discuss two recent startling successes: Moser on the Lovasz Local Lemma and Bansal on the speaker's "Six Standard Deviations Suffice."

David Williamson

Some Open Problems in Approximation Algorithms

Abstract: Together with David Shmoys of Cornell University, I have recently completed a book surveying techniques in the design of approximation algorithms ("The Design of Approximation Algorithms", published by Cambridge University Press). We decided to conclude the book with our "top ten" list of open problems in the area. In this talk, I will review the problems that made our list, discuss a few problems we left out, and give some reflections on the area prompted by writing the book, including some challenges for the area as a whole.

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