Ontologies by KE@ISS

SKOO: Scientific Knowledge Organization Objects



A direct translation of the CityGML XMLSchema to OWL, manually tuned


The English-Frech-Spanish Urbamet thesaurus in OWL

3D Visualization Techniques

An ontology for the representation of 3D visualization techniques and their evaluation

  • Métral C., Ghoula N., Silva, V., Falquet G. (2013) A repository of information visualization techniques to support the design of 3D virtual city models. In Proc. 8th 3D GeoInfo Conference, Instanbul. (to appear in ISPRS Annals 2013-151) PDF
  • Métral C., Ghoula N., Silva, V., Falquet G. (2013) Une ontologie de techniques de visualisation d’informations : application aux modèles urbains 3D enrichis. Actes des 24ème journées d'Ingéniérie des Connaissances (IC 2013), 3-5 juillet 2013, Lille, France. Présentation

An Ontology of Terminological and Ontological Knowledge Resources


4 ontologies about furniture, expressed in a specific language

The OWL version of the English furniture ontology (alpha version)