Knowledge Engineering @ CUI

Semantic Web Technologies

Table of Content

  • Introduction to the Semantic web and Linked data principles
  • Basic models and languages
    • Hierarchicacl exchange models: XML and JSON
    • The resource description framework (RDF)
    • Linked data and RDF
    • Querying RDF with SPARQL

* Publishing and sharing data on the Web

  • Shared vocabularies (with RDFS and description logics)
  • Data integration and linking
  • Description logics and DL reasoning in the SW
  • Ontology based data access
  • Technical aspects: SPARQL endpoints, federated queries, RDF fragments, …

* Space, time and other contexts

  • Representing and publishing geospatial information
  • Modeling time and reasoning with temporal data
  • General models for contextualization

* Knowledge graphs

  • Definition, creation, and use of large knowledge graphs
  • Reasoning on knowledge graphs (with different logical languages)