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ICLE - Institut d'ingénierie des connaissances et logiques de l'espace

The ICLE institute is conducting research on knowledge representation, knowledge-based information systems, and interfaces to access knowledge. The institute works specifically on:

  • Acquisition systems and resource management ontological knowledge, terminology and language;
  • The representation of documents in digital libraries and semantic information retrieval semantics;
  • The semantic enrichment of urban and environmental models, including 3D urban models, in conjunction with geographic information systems;
  • Interconnection and integration of heterogeneous data and knowledge in their structure and level of formalization;
  • Reasoning on spatial, geographical and architectural knowledge;
  • Knowldege visualization techniques for interactive 3D virtual environments.



Falquet, G. et Guyot, J. Retour sur 10 ans de développement de l'enseignement de l'IHM à l'Université de Genève World Usability Day 2011, Genève.

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