Advanced Image Processing

Spring 2009

Lecture: Thursday, 14:15-16:00, Battelle (Bat 316-318) ( beginning February 19 )

Labs: Wednesday, 14:15-16:00, Battelle (Bat 314-315) (beginning February 18)

CUI - University of Geneva, Computer Vision Multimedia Laboratory


Sviatoslav Voloshynovskiy (Office 215, Office hours: Tuesday 11.00-12.00 or according to appointment by email)
Stephane Marchand-Maillet (Office 212, Office hours: Tuesday 11.00-12.00 or according to appointment by email)
Teaching Assistant:
Taras Holotyak (Office 226)
Battelle Building A,
7, route de Drize,
1227 Carouge
CUI, University of Geneva
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Course Outline

  • Recall of Linear Algebra. Multidimensional Signal Processing ( ~1.5 lectures)

  • Vector and matrix image presentations, discrete and continuous Fourier transforms.

  • Introduction. Human Visual System ( ~0.5 lecture)

  • Modulation transfer function, visual masking, noise visibility, color vision;
    Distortion measures.

  • Image Representation : pyramids and wavelets ( ~1 lecture)

  • Random signals ( ~1 lecture)

  • Image Modeling ( ~3 lectures)

  • Stochastic presentation of images;
    Stationary continuous- and discrete-space models, including AR, MRF, stationary Generalized Gaussian;
    Nonstationary models: non-stationary Gaussian, HMM;
    Transform-based models (DFT, DCT, wavelet);
    Edge and texture models;
    Doubly stochastic processes;
    Relationships between models.

  • Image Sensor Models ( ~0.5 lecture)

  • Optical, radar and medical coherent/noncoherent imaging applications:
    (aperture difraction constrains, defocusing, motion blur, atmospheric turbulence, sparse imaging apertures);
    Photographic film;
    Electronic imaging;
    CCD imaging applications;
    Smart sensors.

  • Noise Models ( ~0.5 lecture)

  • Additive noise: Poisson, Gaussian and Laplacian models;
    Multiplecative noise: speckle model.

  • Image Denoising ( ~1 lecture)

  • Maximum-likelihood estimation;
    Bayesian estimators;
    Models selection (MDL principle);
    Transform-based denoising: adaptive Wiener filtering, soft-shrinkage and hard-thresholding.

  • Image Restoration ( ~1 lecture)

  • Statistical ill-posed problems;
    Deterministic regularization: Tikhonov, edge-preserving and adaptive regularizations;
    Transform-based restoration;
    Blind deconvolution.

  • Image Compression ( ~1 lecture)

  • Basics of source coding theory (lossless and lossy);
    Vector quantization, codebook design;
    Transform and subband coding;
    Relationship between compression and denoising.

  • Video Modeling and Compression ( ~1 lecture)

  • 3-D and 2-D Motion models;
    Block matching (simple, hierarchical, and overlapped), optical flow;
    Transform-based models;
    Motion-compensated prediction models;
    Transform and motion-based compression techniques;
    Bidirectional prediction.

  • Digital Data Hiding ( ~2 lectures)

  • Steganography (secure communications);
    Digital watermarking: fundamentals, channel coding, masking, robustness against geometrical transforms and applications
    (robust watermarking, tamper proofing and self-recovering, document authentication, access control, indexing).

    Prerequisites: Imaginarie Numerique (Prof. Thierry Pun), good knowledge of Matlab.

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