RDF Exercises

Turtle syntax for RDF

Draw the graph associated to the data expressed in Turtle given below /

Dessiner le graphe associé aux données suivantes représentées en Turtle:

  x:a x:friend_of x:b , x:c , x:d .
  x:c x:friend_of x:d , x:e , x:f .
  x:a x:friend_of [x:speaks "Japanese", "German", "French"]
  x:d x:friend_of x:c , x:a .
  x:a x:studies [x:subject "Knowledge representation"; x:level "master"] .
  x:c x:name “Jim” .
  x:e x:speaks "French" ; x:speaks "German" .
  x:f x:friend_of x:c ; x:speaks "German" ; x:studies [x:subject "History"] .