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 +==== 2021 ====
 +Caselli, A., Falquet, G., Métral, C. (2021) Knowledge Graph Construction for Subsurface Objects Including Uncertainty and Time Variation. In Proc. 3Dgeoinfo Conf. 2021, New-York. ISPRS Archive (to appear)
 +Lemmens, R.,  Falquet, G., Tsinaraki, C., Klan, F., Schade, S.,  Bastin, L. et al. (2021)
 +A Conceptual Model for Participants and Activities in Citizen Science Projects in Vohland K. & al. (Eds.) //The Science of Citizen Science//. Springer. Pages 159-182 .
 +=== Preprint ===
 +Daponte, V., Falquet, G. (2021) An ontology for the formalization and visualization of scientific knowledge. [[]]
 +==== 2020 ====
 +Gosetto, L., Ehrler, F., Falquet. G. (2020)
 +Personalization Dimensions for MHealth to Improve Behavior Change: A Scoping Review. In I//ntegrated Citizen Centered Digital Health and Social Care//, IOS Press. DOI: 10.3233/SHTI200698
 +Métral, C., Caselli, A., Daponte, V., Di Marzo Serugendo, G., Falquet, G. (2020) 
 +Ontology-Based Rule Compliance Checking for Subsurface Objects. 
 +In Proc. 3Dgeoinfo Conf. 2020, London. ISPRS Archive DOI: 10.5194/isprs-archives-XLIV-4-W1-2020-91-2020
 +Caselli, A., Daponte, V., G., Falquet, G., Métral, C. (2020) A Rule Language Model for Subsurface Data Refinement. In. Proc EG-ICE2020 Conf., Berlin.
 ==== 2019 ==== ==== 2019 ====
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