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Prof Anne-Françoise Cutting-Decelle

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Phone : + 33 6 07 91 01 41

ORCID ID : 0000-0001-6294-1162 – (

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2007-2018 : Ecole Centrale de Lille, Cité Scientifique, CS 20048, 59651 VILLENEUVE D'ASCQ CEDEX, France

Research activities

My research activities focus on the adaptation of Knowledge Engineering techniques to improve the interoperability of the I nternational Standards used to manage information exchanges in industry. This is facilitated by representations based on on tologies. I have worked and continue to work as an expert for various standardisation bodies – at the International level (ISO) ; at t he European level (CEN/CENELEC) ; at the French level (AFNOR). Specifically in the domain of industrial data my contributio n has been focused on the development of new standards as well as the management and follow-up of existing standards. All t hose standards need of course to be both consistent and interoperable between each of them and developed in accordance with the rules provided by the Standardisation Bodies.

An important facet of my research work has therefore been directed towards the development of international standards built on :

– requirements stemming from both industrial needs and Knowledge Engineering-based approaches,

- use of information extraction and semantic annotation techniques based on ontologies.

The experience I have gained as an expert and a convenor in the various standardisation committees has enabled me to both u nderstand and highlight the problems related to the specificity (and the complexity) of the whole standardisation process. This has given me an insight into the extent to which KE-based approaches could be applied particularly to standards drafti ng as such.

In practical terms this could be achieved notably through the development of ontologies corresponding to the competency dom ains of the technical standards considered. To be effective, this would need the use of alignment techniques of the differe nt ontologies :

- domain ontologies,

- specific ontologies.

Other applications of my research field, in relation to ontology engineering include :

- smart grids,

- reference architectures,

- reference models,

- semantic integration,

- semantic frameworks and their application to the representation of information and knowledge related to standardisation a nd standards (standards roadmaps).

Scientific expertise

- Member : TITAN (

- Member : EURAS (

- Member : CODATA France (

- Member : EuroCRIS (

- Member : APK (

- Member : ADELI (

- Member : IAOA (

International standardization expertise

- Convenor : ISO TC 184/SC4-SC5 JWG8 (Manufacturing Management data) :

- Expert and member : ISO TC 184/SC4 International Technical Committee (industrial data) : 158.html

- Expert and member : ISO TC 184 / SC5 WG10 (Evaluation of energy efficiency and other relevant factors of a manufacturing system with respect to its environmental influence) :

- Expert and member : ISO/IEC Smart Manufacturing Standards Map Task Force

- Member : IEC SyC Smart Energy (JWG3, WG5 and WG6) :,FS P_LANG_ID:11825,25

- Member : IEC SyC Smart Manufacturing OF1 :

- Expert and member : CEN TC 310 (Advanced automation technologies and their applications) European technical committee

- Member : ISO-IEC-ITU-UN/ECE MoU/MG (Memorandum of Understanding Management Group)

- Expert and member : AFNOR CP IDMI (Ingénierie des données et des modèles pour l'industrie) standardization committee :

- Expert and member : AFNOR CP IDMI GE Industrie 4.0 standardization committee

- Expert and member : AFNOR CN INFOGEO (Informations géographiques - systèmes géodésiques) standardization committee : https://

- Expert and member : AFNOR UF ASGIEE (Approche Systèmes de la Gestion Intelligente de l'Energie Electrique) standardization committee :

- Guest speaker : MANUFUTURE 2015


FoF FLEXINET - 2013 - 2016

FLEXINET is a European Union Seventh Framework Programme FP7-2013-NMP-ICT-FOF (RTD) project funded under grant agreement no 608627, which started on 1 July 2013 and runs until the end of June 2016. The project is investigating the feasibility of providing software services to support decision makers in configuration and especially rapid reconfiguration of Global Prod uction Networks.


Some recent publications

- A semantic-based approach to analyze the link between security and safety for Internet of Vehicle (IoV) and Autonomous Vehicles (AVs)
Maria Assunta, Giovanna Di Marzo Serugendo, Anne-Francoise Cutting-Decelle, Martin Strohmeier, CARS 2021 6th International Workshop on Critical Automotive Applications: Robustness & Safety, Sep 2021, Münich, Germany. ￿hal-03366378

- How to overcome difficulties met in deploying digital twins of electrical assets over their whole life cycle? A data management perspective
Laurent Guise, Luc Hossenlopp, Thierry Cormenier, Anne-Françoise Cutting-Decelle, Giovanna Di Marzo Serugendo, Imran Khan, CIRED 2021 Conference

- A knowledge model for high-voltage equipment catalogue data contributes to simplify the life of end users and manufacturers
Laurent Guise, Thierry Cormenier, Serge Blumental, Nathalie Baumier, Aurelie Dehouck, Eric Lambert, Anne-Françoise Cutting-Decelle, Jean-Luc Rayon, Philippe Tailhades, Mohammed Zouiti, CIRED 2021 Conference

- Projet RTE DIGIREQ : Extraction automatique d'exigences normatives formulées en langage naturel, application à la norme IEC 60376 – Rapport du Lot 1
A.F. Cutting-Decelle, H. de Ribaupierre, décembre 2020

- Projet RTE DIGIREQ : Extraction automatique d'exigences normatives formulées en langage naturel, application à la norme IEC 60376 – Rapport du Lot 2
H. de Ribaupierre, A.F. Cutting-Decelle, décembre 2020

- Projet RTE DIGIREQ : Extraction automatique d'exigences normatives formulées en langage naturel, application à la norme IEC 60376 – Rapport du Lot 3
A.F. Cutting-Decelle, H. de Ribaupierre, janvier 2021

- Agency or structure in institutional work ; a case of standard drafting in an international standardization body
Mione A., Cutting-Decelle A.F., Barraud J.L., XXVIIIe conférence de l’AIMS, Dakar, 2019

- Extraction of technical information from normative documents using automated methods based on ontologies : application to the ISO 15531 MANDATE standard – Methodology and first results
A.F. Cutting-Decelle, J.L. Barraud, G.I. Magnan, A. Digeon, R.I. Young, P. Lamboley, 2018, ArXiv e-prints, 2018-06 | journal-article – ARXIV: 1806.02242

- Innovation and standard development : healthy cooperation or speed race ? Consequences on the standardization approach
Mione A., Barraud, J.L., Cutting-Decelle A.F., Research network on innovation (RRI) Congress, Innovation forum VIII, Nîmes, 2018

- Institutional work within SDO : The project leaders’ actions for RFID standardization
Mione A., Cutting-Decelle, A.F., Barraud, J.L., EURAS Annual Standardization Conference “Co-opetition and open innovation”, in Proceedings, K Jakobs, A Mione, AF Cutting-Decelle, S Mignon Eds, 2016

- Standard semantic models to support the configuration of global production networks
Palmer, C., Cid, U. F. S., Cutting-Decelle, A. F., Urwin, E. N., Pinazo-Sánchez, U. J. M., Young, R., … & Pajkovska-Goceva, S., In: M. Zelm (eds.): Proceedings of the 6th Workshop on Enterprise Interoperability, Nîmes, France, 27-05-2015, published at, CEUR Vol-1414, 2015

- FP7-2013-NMP-ICT-FOF (RTD) FLEXINET Project 608627, Standardisation Plan, Deliverable D8.4
A.F. CUTTING-DECELLE, R.I. YOUNG, 2014 (public)

- FP7-2013-NMP-ICT-FOF (RTD) FLEXINET Project 608627, Standardisation Report, Deliverable D8.9
A.F. CUTTING-DECELLE, R.I. YOUNG, 2016 (public)

- 3D City Models and urban information: current issues and perspectives
R. Billen, A.F. Cutting-Decelle, O. Marina, J.P. de Almeida, M. Caglioni, G. Falquet, T. Leduc, C. Métral et al., EDPsciences, DOI : 10.1051/TU0801/201400001, 2014

- A Common Vocabulary to Express Standardization Features
A.F. Cutting-Decelle, G. I. Magnan, C. Mouton, and R. I. M. Young, in Enterprise Interoperability: Interoperability for Agility, Resilience and Plasticity of Collaborations (I-ESA 14 Proceedings) (2015): 301, ISTE, Wiley, ISBN 978 1 84821 799 7

- Challenges of semantic 3D city models : a contribution of the COST Research Action TU0801
R. Billen, A.F. Cutting-Decelle, C. Métral, G. Falquet, S. Zlatanova and O. Marina, International Journal of 3-D Information Modeling (IJ3DIM), IGI Global, accepted, on-going (2015)

- Reference ontologies for global production networks

- Standardised semantic models to support the configuration of global production networks
C. PALMER, E. N. URWIN, E. P. RODRIGUEZ, F. S. CID, J. M. PINAZO-SANCHEZ, S. P. GOCEVA, A.F. CUTTING-DECELLE and B. YOUNG, 6th International IFIP Working Conference on Enterprise Interoperability, IWEI, 2015

- Reference ontologies for manufacturing
R YOUNG, N. HASTILOW, M. IMRAN, N CHUNGOORA, Z USMAN, A-F CUTTING-DECELLE, IWEI 2013 – The international IFIP working conference on enterprise interoperability, information, services and processes for the interoperable economy and society, workshop on standardisation for interoperability in the service-oriented enterprise,ENSCHEDE, March 2013

- Towards the ontology-based consolidation of production-centric standards
N CHUNGOORA, A-F CUTTING-DECELLE, R YOUNG, G. GUNENDRAN, Z USMAN, J HARDING, K CASE, International Journal of Production Research, 2013, DOI:10.1080/00207543.2011.627885

- A model-driven ontology approach for manufacturing system interoperability and knowledge sharing
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- Extending product lifecycle management for manufacturing knowledge sharing
N. CHUNGOORA, G.A. GUNENDRAN, R. YOUNG, Z. USMAN, N.A. ANJUM, C. PALMER, J.A. HARDING, K. CASE AND A.F. CUTTING-DECELLE, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part B: Journal of Engineering Manufacture 0954405412461741, first published on October 16, 2012, doi:10.1177/0954405412461741

- Production information interoperability over the Internet : a standardised data acquisition tool developed for industrial enterprises
A.F. CUTTING-DECELLE, J.L. BARRAUD, R.I.M. YOUNG, B. VEENENDAAL, Computers in Industry, Volume 63, Issue 8, October 2012, Pages 824-834, ISSN 0166-3615, doi: 10.1016/j.compind.2012.08.010