Lori Stefano Petrucci

   Lori Stefano Petrucci
   CUI - University of Geneva
   24 rue Général Dufour
   1211 Geneva 4
   +41 (22) 705 76 32
   +41 (22) 705 77 80
   +41 (22) 705 76 60

  • Ph.D. student and research assistant for the AB-Web project: a WWW browser for visually impaired and blind users.

Research interest
  • 1997-1998 :
    Video archival and retrieval, in the context of the ACTS - DVP project.
  • 1998-now  :
    In addition to being involved with the AB-Web project conducted by the prof Thierry Pun, I am particularly interested into the following topics:
    • Graphical to sound translation, in particular 2D image-to-3D sound conversion;
    • Human-Computer Interaction (HCI);
    • Psychoacoustics, in particular sound localization in a 3D space;
    • Software adaptation for blind people, in particular Web browser;
    • Search and extraction of text in images.
  • 1999-now :
    Currently, I'm also involved in the direction of a new project named ABA-2000 whose aim is to:
    • Digitalize (in DAISY format) all the books and audio tapes of the Bibliothèque Braille Romande et Livre Parlé de l'Association Suisse pour le Bien des Aveugles et Malvoyants(UCBA);
    • Create a multimedia server which will contains all the digitalized books;
    • Create a fully accessible web site for blind and visually impaired users which will permit to:
      • access the catalog;
      • command a book of the catalog which will be sended by the post office;
      • in the future, the user will be able to download the digitalized book (in format DAISY) in order to be read by his/her computer.


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