Full Professor

Giovanna Di Marzo Serugendo


I am Professor at the University of Geneva, Faculty of Social and Economics Science.  I am currently head of the newly founded Institute of Services Science. My current interests are related to the engineering of autonomous systems, in particular self-assembly of software, self-organising, self-adaptive and large-scale services. I am exploring reliability and controllability issues (how to build a reliable and trustworthy self-organising system that is controllable);  properties and formal methods issues (what formal methods can help proving properties of self-organising systems); and decentralised algorithms. The applications areas I am focusing on at the moment are: autonomous displays, industrial assembly systems,  and dynamically resilient systems.


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CUI—Université Genève
Battelle—Bâtiment A
Rte de Drize 7
CH-1227 Carouge


Room: 235
tel:  +41 22 379 00 72

fax: + 41 22 379 02 79
email: Giovanna.dimarzo (at) unige.ch