Ahmet Gyger (2007)


Web-marketing is a multipart work, and it must always be linked to real world marketing. This work proposes to study the different parts that a global web-marketing approach uses and will also focus on the structure that can be deployed to support our marketing. In the first part we will study the social networks on Internet. As there are various structures of social networks, we will therefore begin by identifying the main categories of networks and then we will examine how to interact with the various networks so as to drive trafficking and "word of mouth" for our proposed products. In the second part we will concentrate on the "Life Reality" or what interests people have at a specific time. We will go even further by interacting with news providers providing the right information at the right time. Then, we will study some news-analysis techniques to support our web-marketing campaign, and especially to find what will interest our future customers at a precise time. The third part is about self-buzzing or how to create a buzz about our activities (or whatever we market). In the fourth part of this thesis will go more into detail about the media that can be used in the construction of "Web Popularity". The fifth part will be more a technical explanation on how to make a website that gets natural referencing in the search engines (such as Google or Yahoo) and the different tools that create visibility on the web. In the last part we will try to measure, with statistic tools we could find on the Internet, the success of our structural marketing.



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