Geneva Round Table
on the Questions of Private International Law
raised by Electronic Commerce and the Internet

organised jointly by the University of Geneva and the
Hague Conference on Private International Law



As a sequel to the work already undertaken by the Hague Conference on private international law on the questions of Private International Law raised by Electronic Commerce and the Internet [1], the Permanent Bureau, jointly with the University of Geneva, proposes to convene a round table which will meet from Thursday 2 September 1999 (2.00 p.m.) to Saturday 4 September 1999 (1.00 p.m.) in Geneva. The working languages will be English and French, with simultaneous translation for the two plenaries only.

This Round Table will bring together governmental experts and representatives of industry, operators and users. If possible, these groups will be represented in each commission.

The goal of the Round Table is to establish an inventory of legal needs in relation to civil and commercial transactions concluded on the Internet and to prepare recommendations for future work on these subjects.

In the afternoon of 2 September, a plenary session will be held, including a general introduction and a presentation of the questions to be submitted to the various commissions.

The entire day of 3 September will be allotted to the work of the commissions. The following commissions have been established:

Commission I - Contracts
Commission II - Torts
Commission III - Choice of forum and choice of law
Commission IV - Law applicable to data protection
Commission V - Service abroad
Commission VI - Taking of Evidence abroad
Commission VII - On-line dispute resolution, standards of procedure
Commission VIII - Group actions

A second plenary session will be held in the morning of 4 September. During this session, the reports and recommendations of the commissions will be heard and discussed and a general recommendation on future work will be considered for approval.

A detailed budget is available for interested persons or bodies.

For additional information, you may contact:
Gabrielle Kaufmann-Kohler
Gabrielle Kaufmann-Kohler
Professor, Law Faculty
University of Geneva
Secretariat: CEJE
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Fax : + 41 (22) 705 86 62
Catherine Kessedjian
Deputy Secretary General
Hague Conference on Private International Law
6, Scheveningseweg
2517 KT  The Hague ­ Netherlands
Tel. : + 31 (70) 363 33 03
Fax : + 31 (70) 360 4867
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[1] See the book edited by Katharina Boele-Woelki (University of Utrecht) and Catherine Kessedjian (Deputy Secretary General of the Hague Conference), «Internet: Which Court Decides? Which Law Applies? Quel tribunal décide, quel droit s'applique?», Kluwer Law International, The Hague 1998.