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Semantic Web Technologies

topic lecture notes references/additional material practical work
Logics, databases 1st order logics, databases and logics (Datalog)
The XML document and data model Introduction to XML
XML Schemas (very brief)
The RDF graph data model the RDF model Using the AllegroGraph RDF Store (at CUI)
Querying RDF with SPARQL O. Hartig. Querying the Web of Data
RDF schema RDFS
RDF Semantics
Linked data "The Story So Far" O. Hartig. Querying Linked Data Querying SPARQL endpoints with PHP
Ontologies Introduction to ontologies
Description logics DL Basics
Subsumption algorithms
The OWL Language New features of OWL2
Rules in description logic Introduction to SWRL
Epistemic logic and rule semantics


Antoniou, G., van Harmelen, F. (2008) A Semantic Web Primer. MIT Press.

(more to come)

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