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-Women are better prepared to divide their focus amid multiple ventures or duties. Yet men possess an eye for something nice that ladies find mutually enjoyableWell men that use affiliate marketing can make money while their product or service is being promoted on PinterestWhen someone pins an image, it shows up on their network of like-minded followers, which in turn exposes the brand to more people ​within the market and helps them receive more followersSeems easy, ain't it? Women usually pin things that they like or are most intrigued byAnd men can do the same on Pinterest since there is more than likely a requirement ​and appeal for it. So creating a board that stimulates users to produce funny sayings to a picture which includes your merchandise ​on is the best method of getting clicks ​and shoppers.+===== KE@ISS ===== 
 +**Knowledge Engineering @ ISS** is a research laboratory of the Institute ​for Information Service Science ([[http://​|ISS]]) ​within the Center for Computing ([[http://​|CUI]]) at the University of Geneva. KE@ISS is conducting research ​on knowledge engineering:​ knowledge representation,​ knowledge-based information systems, ​and interfaces ​to access knowledge, with an emphasis ​on semantic digital libraries, semantic web, and space-related applications.
-It must be evident in your day-to-day connection that men and women process material differently. You can see men already proclaiming that the experience with pinterest continues to be impressive after realizing its productive benefits. But each pin you're making ought to be interesting to you personally and the user on this internet pinboard that allows the users to share and manage things you want on the internet quickly and efficiently. 
-[[http://​​bucksantos/​blog/​|Pinterest Button]] can join you with your visitors in the planet due to the common interests. There are two types of visitors you want to your website. Those who pin and repin your posts and images and so forth and those that originate from those pins and repins. There is space to write a small message to caption the picture and share the link where you discovered it so make good use of this with a "Call to Action"​ requesting visitors to actually repin or pin things. If one of your desires is to find free traffic using effortless methods this will likely add a supplementary layer of visitors to your website guaranteed. ​+===== Content ​of this wiki =====
-As this social photo sharing site is available to use for freethe awareness among the people seems to be growing as the days pass by. Straight from the day it was unveiledit's grown up to high standards. Websites like these pop-up from time to timeand some become household namesThe actions often include browsing peoples pins, liking and commenting on them and following new peopleHaving said that, here are a few tried-and-true suggestions that men may need to look at and go over. For every person that sees a picture which sparks an interest, the possibility increases that they'​ll click the image and be taken to the website in the pin.+  * [[projects |Research projects]] 
 +  * [[publications |Publications and Reports]] 
 +  * [[resources |Resources ]] (digital librarieslecture notespresentations, ...
 +  * [[members |Members]]
-A bit of market research should tell you just how much discretion to use when you use pinterest to promote with. Leads can be found by pinning stuff that folks are undoubtedly interested in. Because of the increase of visible material, the customer no longer has to visualize the item, which experts claim drives sales up! Pinterest is an image heavy medium and your campaign needs to be as striking as it is ingenious. So as you can understand, Pinterest isn't just for women. In fact a lot of men are already using it as an additional source of targeted website traffic and income for yourself. When all it takes is simply pinning what you like anyway! 
 +  * **[[students |Propositions de projets de BA et MA]]** ​
 +=== UNIGE Library Search ===
 +<iframe height="​70px"​ width="​400px"​ class="​searchbox"​ src="​http://​​explore/​searchbox/​ge/​en/​300"></​iframe> ​
 +[[icle:​start | Intranet]]
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