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-====== ICLE Wiki ======+===== KE@ISS ​===== 
 +**Knowledge Engineering @ ISS** is a research laboratory of the Institute for Information Service Science ([[http://​iss.unige.ch|ISS]]) within the Center for Computing ([[http://​cui.unige.ch|CUI]]) at the University of Geneva. KE@ISS is conducting research on knowledge engineering:​ knowledge representation,​ knowledge-based information systems, and interfaces to access knowledge, with an emphasis on semantic digital libraries, semantic web, and space-related applications.
-Bienvenue sur le wiki de l'​Institut d'​ingénierie des connaissances et logiques de l'​espace 
-===== Cours =====+===== Content of this wiki =====
-  * [[FFSI|Fondements formels des systèmes d'​information]]+  * [[projects ​|Research projects]] 
 +  * [[publications |Publications and Reports]] 
 +  * [[resources |Resources ]] (digital libraries, lecture notes, presentations,​ ...) 
 +  * [[members |Members]]
-(under construction)+  * **[[students |Propositions de projets de BA et MA]]**  
 +=== UNIGE Library Search === 
 +<iframe height="​70px"​ width="​400px"​ class="​searchbox"​ src="​http://​services.rero.ch/​explore/​searchbox/​ge/​en/​300"></​iframe>​  
 +[[icle:​start | Intranet]]
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