Knowledge Organisation Systems

4304063CR 2 h de cours CR 2h printemps, Ma 10-12, Battelle, BAT301 3 credits
4304063SE 2 h de séminaire SE 2h printemps, Ma 12-14, Battelle, BAT319/21 3 credits
Date Course Seminar Readings
 19.02.13 introduction to KR slides text, thesauri and SKOS slides
26.02.13 lexical ontologies (Wordnet slides), formal ontologies and description logics slides understanding a formal ontology DL Primer
05.03.13 (seminar-only day) creating a simple ontology, soft mobility v0 soft mobility v1
12.03.13 ontology construction methodologies slides creating a simple ontology: addition of a SWRL rule soft mobility v1 modified, “tea” example annotated tea file list of terms Methontology ~ Text2Onto
 19.03.13 ontology construction methodologies “tea” (continuation) picture of the blackboard list of terms (continuation) Ontology Matching: State of the Art
26.03.13  ontology alignment TeaMeal ontology (work in progress)
 09.04.13  ontology alignment article 1 presentation  
16.04.13 conceptual indexing article 1 presentations, submit project topic  
23.04.13 semantic representation of documents slides"tea" (consolidated) ontology, submit a terminology for the project
30.04.13 semantic representation of documents GATE slides, submit a first version of the ontology
07.05.13 knowledge repositories and operations on knowledge resources  
14.05.13 time and space, ontological time series TeaMeal with indexed documents TeaMeal onto + TeaMeal with indexed doc  
21.05.13 article 2 presentation 
28.05.13 submit project part 2 (semantic index) + part 3 and final report
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