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Knowledge engineering models and tools for the digital scholarly publishing of manuscripts

  • Applicants: Gilles Falquet, Claire Forel, Luka Nerima
  • Researchers: — (PhD), Giuseppe Cosenza (PostDoc)
  • Scientific collaboration: Daniele Gambarara (Prof., U. della Calabria)

The aim of the research is to obtain a knowledge representation and management model and a system for the digital edition of large corpora of original works (manuscripts). One of the key concepts of the proposed approach is that a digital edition of a corpus of manuscripts is not a single document containing a scholarly transcription of the manuscripts. It is in fact a set of evolving interconnected knowledge resources (manuscript transcriptions, annotations, scholarly transcriptions, related terminologies and ontologies, dictionaries, etc.) that represents the current state of our knowledge about the manuscripts. Therefore the proposed research concentrates on models and tools for the representation and the interconnection of these knowledge resources. The proposed research methodology consists in

  1. creating a knowledge representation and operation model for producing scholarly digital editions of manuscripts
  2. developing a knowledge management system that implements this model
  3. testing the relevance of the model by using the system on a real publication task

The model and system will be applied to the scholarly publishing of some set of manuscripts from Ferdinand de Saussure.

Project news

A subset of the Saussurean terminologies, collected by G. Consenza and put into SKOS form by the fds team, are available on

The manuscripts can be viewed on