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Successful factors to develop a smart data tool for urban planning

Orator: Raphael Rollier, Responsible Programme Smart City, Swisscom



Swisscom and IMD Business School have developed a six steps methodology to turn a city "smart". This methodology will be illustrated with a successful project that encompasses the creation of a tool for urban planning. Swisscom's mobile phone network generates 20 billion data points daily that can be transformed into anonymized and aggregated traffic indicators. What are the concrete benefits for a city? How to deal with privacy concerns? Who are the stakeholders and which governance model should be put in place?

Short Bio:

Raphael Rollier advices, develops and promotes digital innovation and transformation. In co-creation with several cities, he created a "Smart Data" tool, which turns billions of data generated by mobile phone network into anonymized and aggregated traffic indicators. To accelerate the transformation, Raphael is developing and sharing a methodology to support the public sector to leverage digital technology, with a first study that identify the key success factors. Member of the Venture Kick jury and Venture Associate at Swisscom, he has developed a mentoring program for start-ups at the EPFL, where he obtained a master in micro engineering.

Date: Monday, May 8th, 2017 - 18h15

Location: Battelle building A - Auditorium ground floor

3 mai 2017
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