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Speaker: Dr. Quentin LadettoResearch Director at armasuisse Science and Technology



The objective of the armasuisse Science and Technology Foresight program is to anticipate and get the necessary understanding of the emerging technologies. Even if the purpose is to anticipate which technology can have an impact on security, it is a continuous process, increasingly considering dual-use technologies as well as their combinations. As technologies can be considered independently of the domain of application, we believe that creating a collaborative platform providing some structured information about technologies could be of common general interest at governmental and industrial level, both national and international. Technologyhorizon.org has the vision to globally collect and centralized these common parameters strategists need to understand about technologies (definition, strength, weaknesses, readiness, etc) independently of which industry they work for.

Short Bio:

Quentin Ladetto is research director at armasuisse Science and Technology. He leads the Technology Foresights program which goal is to anticipate and get the necessary understanding of the emerging technologies which might have their implications for the military in general and the Swiss armed forces in particular. Quentin owns a PhD in Geomatics from the Swiss Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) and an Executive MBA in management and corporate finance from HEC Lausanne.

Date: Monday, May 23th, 2016 - 17:15

Place: Battelle building A - Auditorium ground floor

27 avril 2016
  À la Une