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Soutenance de thèse Andra Chincisan


Mme Andra Chincisan soutiendra, en vue de l'obtention du grade de docteur ès sciences, mention interdisciplinaire, sa thèse intitulée

Analysis of 3D Knee Joint Deformation Using a Multiscale Modelling Approach


The human knee joint is the largest and most complex joint of the human body that experiences large loads. The interdependencies encountered in the musculoskeletal system are crucial in understanding musculoskeletal conditions (e.g. osteoarthritis). Patient-specific computational models are promising methods to unravel clinical investigation and diagnosis. However, as the range of medical and experimental data is increasingly expanding, it has become a challenge to integrate data in virtual models in a way that it is comprehensive and reliable for medical diagnosis.

In this thesis we investigated novel modelling paradigms that encompasses mechanics with microscale and physiological data which aims at being practical for clinical investigation. We focused on integrating microstructural and physiological data into articulation simulations, by investigating different biological organization levels such as organ, tissue, cellular, and molecular level. This work provides a quantitative assessment of architectural image–based muscle parameters and their role in improving the accuracy of musculoskeletal and finite element models. The potential of biomechanical simulations in personalized and predictive medicine is also presented. Furthermore, we propose a validated stochastic model of the knee cartilage that simulates intra- and extra-cellular events.

Our results suggest that a multimodal approach for building virtual models of the knee joint taking advantage of a large spectrum of data could contribute to the challenging objective of translating the computational models into clinical decision and prediction.


Date: Mardi 31 mai 2016 à 13h30

Lieu: Battelle bâtiment A - Salle de cours 404-407 (3ème étage)

30 mai 2016
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