Management and structure



The director of the CUI is professor Eric Wehrli. He federates teaching and research of computer sciences at the University of Geneva and he ensures the harmonious operation of the CUI.

The three main entities

The CUI is an inter-faculty centre where collaborate:

The college of the professors

It is chaired by the director of the CUI and gathers all the professors of the CUI. The major decisions of the CUI are voted by the college. Consult the list of the professors

The widened committee

It is chaired by the director of the CUI and is composed of other professors of the CUI, as well as professors having computer sciences activities but not belonging to the CUI. It is thus an opening from the CUI towards the University. Reflexion and council on the research and teaching of computer sciences at the University are its main goal. The members of the widened committee are:

  • Prof. Eric Wehrli (Director of the CUI)
  • Prof. Didier Buchs (representative of Faculty of Sciences, CUI)
  • Prof. Dimitri Konstantas (representative of Faculty of Economics and Management, CUI)
  • Prof. Paola Merlo (representative of Faculty of Humanities, CUI)
  • Prof. Mireille Bétrancourt (representative of Faculty of Psychology and Sciences of Education, outside CUI)
  • Prof. Antoine Geissbühler (representative of Faculty of Medicine, outside CUI)


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