Soutenance de thèse Juan Diego Gomez

M. Juan Diego Gomez soutiendra (en anglais), en vue de l'obtention du grade de docteur ès sciences, mention informatique, sa thèse intitulée

A Computer-vision Based Sensory Substitution Device for the Visually Impaired (See Color)


Jury :

  • Professeur Thierry Pun, directeur de thèse
  • Dr. Guido Bologna, co-directeur de thèse
  • Professeur Edwige Pissaloux (Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France)
  • Dr. Christophe Jouffrais (Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France)
  • Dr. André Assimacopoulos (Président, Association pour le Bien des Aveugles et Malvoyants, Geneva)
  • Prof. Stéphane Marchand-Maillet (Département d'informatique)

Abstract :

Audio-based Sensory Substitution Devices (SSDs) perform adequately when sensing and mapping low-level visual features into sound. Yet, their limitations become apparent when it comes to represent high-level or conceptual information involved in vision. We introduce See ColOr as an SSD that senses color and depth to convert them into musical instrument sounds. In addition and unlike any other approach, our SSD extends beyond a visual-to audio mapping prototype, by integrating computer vision methods to produce reliable knowledge about the physical world (at the lowest cost to the user). Experiments reported in this work reveal that our See ColOr is learnable and functional, and provides easy interaction. In moderate time, participants were enabled to grasp visual information of the world from which they could derive: spatial awareness, ability to find someone, location of daily objects, and skill to walk safely avoiding obstacles. Our encouraging results open a door towards autonomous mobility of the blind.

Date: Mardi 4 février 2014 à 10h00

Lieu: Battelle bât. A - Auditoire rez-de-chaussée

30 janvier 2014

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