Research Projects


Machine Learning and Data Mining


e-LICO: e-Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Collaborative Research in Data Mining and Data Intensive Sciences (EU FP7, February 2009- January 2012)

KnowlEst: Knowledge Exploration in Science and Technology (EU COST Action 282, January 2002-December 2005)

METAL : A Meta-Learning Assistant for Providing User Support in Machine Learning and Data Mining (EU FP3, December 1998 - August 2002)

MIX : Modular Integration of Connectionist and Symbolic Processing in Knowledge-Based Systems (EU ESPRIT, March 1994 - March 1997)


Combining Metric and Kernel Learning (SNSF, October 2010 - August 2013)

Learning over Composite Representations (SNSF, October 2008 - September 2010)

Local, Global and Statistical Approaches for Kernels on Relational Structures (SNSF, April 2005 - March 2007)

Bridging the Gap between Propositional and First-Order Learning (SNSF, October 2002 - March 2005)

Neurosymbolic Learning: Computational and Theoretical Issues (SNSF, October 1996 - September 2000)

A Knowledge-Based System for Neural Network design and Explanation (SNSF SPP 3, April 1994 - October 1996)

Knowledge Discovery in the Life Sciences


DebugIT: Detecting and Eliminating Bacteria UsinG Information Technology (EU FP7, 2008-2011)

EuroKUP: Kidney and Urine Proteomics (EU COST Action BM0702, 2008-2011)

DropTop: Integration of DNA, RNA and Protein Markers in a Tool for the Prognosis and Diagnosis of Human Disease (EU FP6, 2007-2009)


Mass Spectrometry Data Mining (Swiss SER, July 2002 - December 2005)

MELANIE : Medical Electrophoresis Analysis Expert system (SNSF, October 1987 - September 1989)

Natural Language Processing and Text Mining


BioMint : Biological Text Mining (EU FP4, January 2003 - March 2006)


ProDoTT: Learning Probabilistic First-Order Domain Theories from Text (SNSF, October 2005 - November 2007)

Kernel-Based Structure Processing for Natural Language Parsing (SNSF, November 2005 - October 2007)

Neural Networks for Structure Processing Applied to Broad Coverage Natural Language Parsing (SNSF, November 2003 - October 2005)

Combining Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing for Knowledge Discovery in Text Corpora (SNSF, April 2000 - September 2004)

Diverse Applications


Africa@Home: Volunteer Computing for Africa, (Hasler Foundation, August 2006 - December 2007)

ISACOM : Intelligent Scheduling Algorithms with Communication Messengers (SNSF, April 1996 - March 2000)

OOCPL : An Object-Oriented Constraint Programming Language for Loosely-Coupled Distributed Systems (SNSF, October 1993 - September 1995)

DISSCO : A System for Biomedical Data Acquisition, Analysis, and Simulation (SNSF, April 1991 - September 1993)

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